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Outfit your restaurant with skilled, experienced staff and watch your business flourish. With help from Uptown Employment, you’ll never have to spend hours hunting or competing for talented employees. We’re the leading restaurant provider of employment services in NYC and we serve employers and job-seekers throughout the Five Boroughs.

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Gain access to valuable resources for food service professionals. When you register to become a member, you’ll be able to submit as many employee requests as you want. Then, our recruiters will analyze your requests and start searching for the right employee to fill the position your restaurant is looking for. Your registration comes with plenty of other perks designed to make your job (and your life) easier. Along with our informative monthly food and beverage industry newsletter, you’ll gain access to a list of educated and qualified people who are ready to work, as well as a list of reputable restaurant suppliers.

Our Process

As a locally preferred food industry employment service, we understand that not just any employee will do – especially when you’re looking for someone with experience and qualifications. That’s why we’re committed to finding the right person, using your exact specifications, and can usually start sending you staff in a matter of hours.

To ensure we’ve found the perfect match, our agency interviews all applicants. By conducting thorough interviews, we are able to determine whether potential candidates are a good fit for you based on their qualifications, references, and other criteria. Best of all, you can skip the advertising process and keep focusing on your business.

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We can supply any day by day hire as you need worker for any occasion. We’ll take care of the Unemployment insuranceWorkers Comp, Disability and Payroll Taxes for a low $1/hr extra cost to your hourly wage.

You pay us directly no hidden fee’s no payroll to think of and always an expense tax deduction.

For Example:

Dishwashers.             Busboys.

Cooks.                         Waiters.

Salad man.                 Runner. 

Cashiers.                    Barback.

Porters.                      Host/hostess.

General Helpers.     Coat check