About Us

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the Uptown Employment team has had time to get to know the food service industry. Our employment agency in New York City, is committed to helping restaurants and other food industry professionals find the talent they need to succeed. We also help professionals find work in different restaurants throughout the Five Boroughs.

Food Service Veterans

Put your trust in a company that comes from the same background as you. Our founder was raised in the restaurant business and, over the course of his life, worked in a number of different food-related positions. As a matter of fact, all of our employees are former restaurant employees. This experience, along with our passion, has helped us become a valuable resource for professionals in the food service field.

Saving You Time & Money

When you team up with our company, you’ll never have to spend your time writing up help wanted ads to find potential employees for your restaurant. We simplify the process by offering a monthly membership, which grants you access to a number of amenities and tools that other employment agencies don’t offer.

  • Explore the Latest Food Service Job Listings
  • Review Employees that are Ready to Start
  • Enjoy a Subscription to Our Monthly Newsletter
  • Access the Best Restaurant Suppliers in NYC

Once you post an opening, your work is done; our team fills open positions with qualified candidates promptly – usually within 24 hours.

Contact our employment agency to find out more about our experience in the food service industry or to learn about other membership perks. We proudly serve NYC.

Simply Hire Temp Employees From Us.


We can supply any day by day hire as you need worker for any occasion. We’ll take care of the Unemployment insuranceWorkers Comp, Disability and Payroll Taxes for a low $1/hr extra cost to your hourly wage.

You pay us directly no hidden fee’s no payroll to think of and always an expense tax deduction.

For Example:

Dishwashers.             Busboys.

Cooks.                         Waiters.

Salad man.                 Runner. 

Cashiers.                    Barback.

Porters.                      Host/hostess.

General Helpers.     Coat check